Black Holes 101

last updated: 11.10 PM, Feb 15, 2024

what Introduction to the basics of general relativity, with applications to black hole physics.
when Feb 15 (room 6/1) & Feb 16 (room 8/2), 2024, location: physics high rise
contact Jens Boos (


  1. 2024-02-15: basic concepts of General Relativity; features of static (Schwarzschild) and rotating (Kerr) black holes: properties and physical interpretation of their horizons, their interior structure, as well as their global, causal properties.
  2. 2024-02-16: black hole thermodynamics; regular black hole models; and black hole superradiance (a connection of black holes to particle physics)

Other materials

  1. schwarzschild-metric-v1.nb Mathematica file to derive the Schwarzschild metric


  1. V. P. Frolov and A. Zelnikov, Introduction to Black Hole Physics (Oxford University Press, 2011). (Available in print at KIT Library.)
  2. J. Boos, Term paper on superradiance of rotating black holes as a probe for light bosons (University of Alberta, April 2017).